Up & Over Doors

Created from a single panel, open to closed position on a pivoting hinge, can be manually operated or automated.

Roller & Shutter Doors

Roller and Shutter Doors roll up above them selves with a tube type motor, they can be steel, aluminium, insulated, face fixed, externally fixed, automated, manual and many colour options are available.

Sectional Doors

Sectional doors pass up and over but require little space to open meaning you can park closer than a conventional up and over. can be manually operated or automated.

Automating existing

We can automate your existing doors as well as replace.

Automated Doors

Automated doors are everywhere, shops, garages, hospitals, you name it. we offer service, repairs and installation.

Manual Door Closer

Door closers can be fitted to almost any door, fire safety doors or just to stop the kids leaving the doors open around the office or house.